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  • Main Types of Financial Institutions

    Main Types of Financial Institutions

    Financial institutions play a vital role in our economy by connecting savers and borrowers.

  • What Is A SME

    What Is A SME

    Introduction to SMEs SME stands for small and medium-sized enterprises. These are businesses that are typically smaller in size compared to large corporations and have fewer employees and resources. SMEs are an essential contributor to the economy, as they make up a significant portion of the business sector in most countries and provide employment opportunities,…

  • What Is A Recession?

    What Is A Recession?

    What Is a Recession? A recession is a period of economic decline that typically lasts for several months. It is characterized by a decline in economic activity, including a decrease in the gross domestic product (GDP), employment, and trade. In other words, a recession is when the economy hits a rough patch and experiences a…

  • What Is Year Over Year (YOY)

    What Is Year Over Year (YOY)

    What Is Year Over Year (YOY)? Year-over-year (YOY) is a comparison of the performance of a particular metric (such as revenue, earnings, or growth) over a one-year period. It is a way of evaluating the performance of a company or industry by comparing data from a current period to the same period in the previous…

  • Use Google Ads To Grow Your Small Business

    Establishing a PPC campaign and managing it well has become a critical component to a business’s internet marketing strategy. Businesses are understandably concerned that the money they’re investing in Google AdWords won’t translate into sales. They are concerned that they’re wasting valuable capital on internet marketing services that could be channelled into production. If financial constraints or…

  • Using Landing Pages For Your Business Growth

    With a simple glimpse of a page, most visitors decide whether or not this is the page for them. That’s why a landing page that holds a visitors attention is so highly sought after. Elevate can provide you with click through or lead generation landing pages that can navigate your customers towards making a commitment…