Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your Small Business

Facebook is a fantastic tool for generating high quality mortgage customers.

The trick is knowing what works and what dosnt’t when it comes to the complex mix of paid and organic.

A Facebook image ad is a simple and successful method for meeting advertising objectives on social media.

A captivating image that sells your key value proposition and funnels users towards your lead funnel is extremely beneficial.

It can increase social media presence, website interaction and your brand awareness.

Not to mention help you generate more leads.

What is a Facebook Image Ad?

Grabbing the attention of an individual with one single image isn’t that hard. People are always on the lookout for interesting, exciting visuals. It’s picking the right image that’s the challenge. What speaks to your audience? What is most likely going to grab their attention? Elevate can help you find that out.

We work to capture the imagination of your customers. This can be difficult as you may only have a Facebook user’s attention for less than a second. Although, the proper image only needs a second to obtain a scrollers attention, pulling customers into learning more about the products, services and brand.

A successful Image Ad can lead to:

  • Page likes
  • App engagement
  • Page post engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Click-throughs to website

Event Responses for Facebook Image Ads

Facebook image ads can also help drive responses to events your business may be holding. An image ad for an event should provide enough information and visual appeal to entice a user enough to click on the event and explore.

Facebook Website Link Ad

A captivating image is the best way to attract people’s attention. Now that you have it, you need to provide them with some sort of follow through. A Facebook website link ad has an accompanying link with the image so that possible customers have an opportunity to engage further with your business content.

Elevate can run various Facebook website link ads for your business which are compelling and drive page likes, brand awareness and engagement past the initial advertisement.