Author: Louis Blythe

  • Commercial Solar Finance

    Commercial Solar Finance

    In today’s ever evolving landscape of corporate responsibility around “going green” it has never been more important to review your options surrounding solar and other green alternative energy sources. We all want to leave the planet better then we found it right? Not to mention the added benefits of tax deductions related to equipment and…

  • Earthmoving Equipment Finance

    Earthmoving Equipment Finance

    Looking for asset finance for earthmoving equipment? Cockatoo has you covered with a wide range of asset finance options.

  • What Is Zoning Ordinance?

    What Is Zoning Ordinance? A Concise Overview for Property Owners Zoning ordinances play a vital role in shaping your community and its development. These written regulations and laws define how property in specific geographic zones can be used, making it possible for cities and towns to maintain order and organization in land use. It is…

  • What Is A Zombie Foreclosure? Understanding This Real Estate Phenomenon

    Zombie foreclosure is a term used to describe a situation where a homeowner abandons their property after receiving a notice of default, expecting that they will lose the home in the pending foreclosure. However, the foreclosure may get canceled for any number of reasons and never completed, leaving the property in limbo. This means that…

  • Certificate of Origin (CO)

    Certificate of Origin (CO)

    A Certificate Of Origin or CO is to certify that the goods being exported are true of domestic origin and therefore eligible for the benefits of certain trade agreements or tariffs.

  • Plant Machinery Finance

    Plant Machinery Finance

    Obtaining the necessary machinery and equipment for your business can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to paying for them. Machinery asset finance offers a solution for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to acquire the equipment they need without making a large upfront payment. But before you go ahead and apply for…

  • Private Business Loans

    Private Business Loans

    A private business loan is a form of financing that is provided by a private lender, rather than a traditional bank or government agency.

  • Tractor Finance

    Tractor Finance

    Many people utilise financing alternatives to make the purchase of a tractor more accessible, as a tractor may be a considerable financial investment.

  • Construction Business Loans

    Construction Business Loans

    Starting a construction firm might be difficult, but it can be a terrific way to help a business expand and prosper with the correct capital. Loans for enterprises in the construction sector are a specialised form of financing designed to offer capital to those businesses. These loans can be used for a variety of objectives,…

  • Forestry ‍Finance

    Forestry ‍Finance

    Discover forestry finance options for forestry equipment leasing and purchase. Business loans for forestry and logging companies.